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Host: Steve Saylor

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Steve Saylor is a Toronto-based podcaster, radio host, YouTube Gamer, Graphic Designer, College Professor all while being blind! Starting in 2015, his entertaining YouTube series "Blind Gamer" fuses humour with his passion for playing video games while being very bad at it. In just a few short years he is considered a thought leader on accessibility in gaming and an advocate for developers to push video game accessibility forward. Steve is the top Blind Gamer in Canada and thinks you're awesome.

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Cherry Thompson

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Cherry Thompson is an accessibility consultant with a professional background in photography, film and visual art. After a 12 year career in these fields, disability led them to shift focus and adapt to a new career. They bring their experience in design, production and exploring marginalized identities with visual storytelling to the games industry. Cherry's disabilities have allowed them to specialize in accessibility in games with a particular focus on addressing complex motor and cognitive barriers. They've consulted on projects of various sizes from small indie developments to larger studios such as Xbox (Adaptive Controller), Guerrilla (Horizon Zero Dawn IP), The Coalition (Gears of War IP) and more. Their consulting experience includes education, work-shopping, design consultation, sensitivity reviews, accessibility audits and play testing. In addition, Cherry has delivered educational presentations in various studios and at GDC, Microsoft Bootcamp, EA and their favorite, the Games Accessibility Conference. They have a passion for making games inclusive for everyone regardless of their background or disabilities. Outside of games Cherry is a bird, nature and cake enthusiast and has a one eyed cat named Odin.

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Ian Hamilton

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Ian has a 10 year background in game accessibility, initially across a wide range of products at the BBC, including making games accessible for preschool children with profound motor and cognitive impairment. He now works independently throughout the wider industry, collaborating with developers, publishers, manufacturers, academia and industry bodies. Pursuing avenues to raise the profile and understanding of accessibility across the industry, such as consulting directly on individual games and features, speaking, teaching, training, organising awareness raising events, leading work on internal and industry best practices, and advising on strategy and and government funding processes.

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Bryce Johnson

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Bryce Johnson has been designing accessible experiences and technology for over 15 years. As a member of Team Xbox he was part of the core team that started the inclusive design and accessibility practice. Bryce worked across Microsoft teams to launch the assistive technologies on the Xbox One, including Copilot. Bryce initiated and designed the first Inclusive Tech Lab at Microsoft, which has now hosted over six thousand visitors; it is a facility where people can explore how people with disabilities interact with Microsoft games, services, and devices. Bryce is one of the inventors of the Xbox Adaptive Controller ever since he was a lead on its project at the 2016 Microsoft One Week Hackathon. Bryce is now the Inclusive Lead for Microsoft Devices where he is devoted to ensuring Microsoft products are accessible.

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